Shaver Lake Property Maintenance: Snow Removal | Pine Needle Cleanup | Yard Maintenance | Shaver Lake, CA
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Shaver Lake Property Maintenance
Shaver Lake Property Maintenace in the mile high community of Shaver Lake offers year round residents and second home owners both one time or long term Property Maintenace and Snow Removal Services.

It's hard work to remove snow from decks, driveways and walkways or to gather up pine needles to safely remove them as they could pose a fire danger. Most of you would rather enjoy your time off from work or other duties as opposed to doing these chores.

That's why we're here to take care of your needs. We're just a simple phone call away. It's always good to plan ahead and have us lined up to take care of your needs. Fill out our request form.

Meanwhile, you, your family and friends can enjoy the great outdoors with a jet ski in the summer season or a snowmobile during the winter months from the friendly staff at the Shaver Lake Power Center.